April 20, 2014

In a flutter of twitters last Tuesday, it appears that we are all longing for something to fill the gaping hole that seems to have appeared since the Sewing Bee finished. So, (if you’ll excuse the pin, er, pun), what about a little get together on this webpage? I’m also on twitter and facebook, but this may be easier for us all.

If you have any queries, funny stories, pictures, problems or anything else you might want to share, I’ll be on the email ready to give it my best shot and do what I can!!

Use the contact form on the website, and away we’ll go! And still use the twitter and facebook as well…… One of the best things about having been on GBSB is all of you out there that share this same passion as me. WOW!


I’m also intending to put up some tutorials on this website and also on youtube as time goes on.

What catches your imagination?

What would you like to learn?

Is there something you would like explained?

Just drop me a line……Roll on Tuesday!

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