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Heather Jacks

Currently a contestant on the 2014 Great British Sewing Bee.

I am an artist, musician, fanatical stitcher and dressage rider/trainer. A lover of fashion, Vivienne Westwood and Dior.

I live in Leicestershire and share my life with Andrew my husband and a small dog called Roly (otherwise known as the Pindog!)

Since the age of 10 sewing has been a major and influential part of my life, shaping my future in subtle ways and giving me opportunities that may otherwise have been out of my reach. Sounds rather dramatic, doesn’t it? But its true……

My first proper job in advertising was secured by a suit that I had made. One of the interviewers had seen me earlier in the street and had commented to her colleague on my outfit. You can imagine my surprise when she turned to that colleague as I walked through the door, saying “that’s the outfit that I just told you about!”

I was offered the job.

With my first two weeks wages, I went and bought a new sewing machine. And I never looked back!

Fabric design has always interested me, and with digital printing changing the possibilities for this, I am looking to create a capsule range of simple styles in my own designs of both garment and fabric.

I work from home.