April 20, 2014

And so The Great British Sewing Bee 2014 is over for another year, and as the dust settles in the distance of time, several people have asked me “what next?”

There is a lot to do!

I am in the process of finding the best way forwards with helping children to learn to sew and make their own clothes. Having asked many youngsters in my area, it seems to me that although sewing is sometimes part of the Design and Technology curriculum, its not addressing the childrens needs. Sewing is now looked upon as cool, creative, fun and expressive. When I was at school, it had a rather less glamorous cloak! It was seen as something that all girls should do; I cannot ever remember one boy that was allowed to
or even interested in sewing. Thank goodness times change.

We are all touched by fashion, even those who dismiss it as trivial and unworthy of mention. I haven’t seen one person naked in the supermarket yet, no matter what walk of life they are from! We all wear clothes. We are all consumers of the fashion industry. And out there, someone is manufacturing, designing, weaving, selling….. The possibilities are endless for career opportunities……

All that is needed is a little knowhow, and we may inspire our youngsters to meaningfully consider the possibilities before them, and at the very least, not be reliant on just buying clothes because they are cheap. Out of learning sewing skills comes a whole package of expression of individuality, confidence, and pride in achievement. And all because someone has taught them to sew. And thanks to GBSB, a total endorsement of the worth of such a simple skill.

The renaissance has started!

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