June 20, 2020

Minister promises decision soon on glendale police hq, mayor calls for unity ‘We understand the need for unity and we’re confident the police will come through for us,” said the statement. “This is not the day that we have to make a move. We will see what we’re offered next. But we know this is the right way forward.”

The Police Athletic League is the professional league of the Glendale Police Department.

The police hq in Glendale will also join other regional departments in asking the mayor to support officers, Mayor Mark Rentschler said.

The hq members who gathered in front of City Hall on Saturday to offer support to police were expected at a press conference scheduled for 8:45 a.m. Monday. The press conference is not expected to ta바카라사이트ke place this morning.

Police Chief Jerry Dias said he would have the hq leadership meeting at the Rentschler administration building.

“At the end of the day, this is a law-enforcement issue,” said Dias. “We’re trying to figure out what happens with police officers that are being affected by the budget cuts in the city. What do we do with officers that are being left behind or they don’t feel like they will get training or they don’t think it’s going to change.”

Police are s바카라till waiting on an analysis from a state agency to see if they will keep or lose their department, said Dias.

Dias said he’s confident that as soon as the hq leadership meeting has taken place the 더킹카지노decision will be made about what they will do. He said the hq is willing to continue to pay for officers’ overtime, but added, “We can’t afford to be a police department that does nothing. We need to keep up to date with the city so that we are prepared. If we’re not going to do it, then why would we need to do it?”

He told the Times Free Press that he believes the city should continue to negotiate with the police department and that he’s hopeful they will figure out something else to do on the budget.

City Manager Rick Koppl and Rentschler discussed the officers’ lack of training and police pay with the Times Free Press on Saturday.

In his press release Saturday, Rentschler said, “The city needs to provide a sense of urgency and get to the table with this issue as soon as possible. The more time that goes on, the more questions will arise about this.”


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