June 19, 2020

Joyce unhappy with regional tax concessions snubbed by Abbott

AUSTRALIA: Prime Minister Tony Abbott has given his바카라사이트 support to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s proposal to reduce regional government revenue. Mr Abbott told reporters he was glad the states had agreed to raise revenues in return for reduced taxes. The proposal was put forward by Treasurer Joe Hockey but Mr Abbott said: “It was made clear that it will require a lot of work in some respects, but that a lot of work has been done already. “And we’ve agreed to it on principle.” Mr Hockey described the proposal as “very sensible”. He said he has cons바카라사이트ulted with his counterparts in other states on the policy and that he has been impressed by the support the states gave to the idea. Mr Hockey said Mr Abbott wa더킹카지노s committed to supporting regional governments but would need to go beyond that to get the regional tax concessions.

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