March 25, 2014

Since entering The Great British Sewing Bee 2014, things have started to change…
Once accepted onto the show, panic set in!

Having discovered the subtle seduction of TK Maxx a couple of years ago, my sewing machine went into semi-retirement whilst I flirted with gorgeous designer bargains. The love affair grew and I found myself riffling through rails and rails looking for that elusive something…It had to stop. What on earth was I doing? My wardrobe quickly filled with wear-it-once items and the satisfaction I once knew from making my own stuff had gone.

So out came the sewing machine. Again.

And here I am.

Creativity has always been at the core of all that I do, and sewing is another dimension of that expression. In my head I’m Vivienne Westwood, but just as I get round to cutting the fabric, the conversation I always end up having is this; “So where do you think you’re going to wear that, exactly?”. So, I revert to being classical. Okay, but not as I really am!

But things are changing! I’ve come out. Of the closet! Until GBSB nobody had the faintest clue that I sewed, but now my secret is out. And the best thing is that my friends’ children, who are now teenagers, are mad and willing enough to go with the flow and wear a few of my more unusual ideas. Yippee! A renaissance!!

Whilst taking part in GBSB I was always very aware of the tight time limits. As I’m a bit of a perfectionist, I chose fairly ‘safe’ long projects as I felt sure that although simple in construction, these garments were the best way to showcase my sewing skills.

So for those of you that thought my choices were boring and not creative enough, watch this space!

Each month I’ll be posting a design, and will take you through the construction techniques, fabrics used, and will answer any questions you may have.

After all, let’s share the knowledge.

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