July 19, 2020

Top 5 Ways to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

Case 1: “My daughter’s iPhone 7 is stuck at the black apple logo when updating to iOS 13. I have tried a normal iTunes restore and a DFU restore. After the restore, iTunes can see the coque iphone 7 plus magasin device, but the iPhone itself is still stuck at the black apple logo and unusable.”

Case 2: “I tried going back from iOS 14 beta to ios 13 and it keeps flashing the apple logo and coque iphone 6s chelsea won’t turn back on after 2 hours of waiting for it to turn on. what should i do”

Once in the blue moon, Apple fans throughout the world must have experienced this vexing problem of getting their iPhone stuck on white/black Apple screen. Assuming that you are a passionate coque iphone 6 ancre marine Apple lover, you may possibly have encountered this annoying issue at least once, or maybe you might actually be dealing with this concern at this moment. And you can call yourself the coque iphone 5se originale lucky one as you have landed on the right place. In the below article, you’ll find different solutions to iPhone boot loop Apple logo problem. In this article, we will talk about 5 different ways to fix your iPhone.

Part 1: Why Your iPhone Boots Apple Logo

Part 2: How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Apple Logo 5 Ways

Part 1: Why Your iPhone Boots Apple Logo

Whenever you are dealing with iPhone stuck in Apple logo problem, take a note fellas, https://www.simonjara.fr/collections/coque-huawei-mate it is taking you nowhere. To solve this issue from the root, you should be aware why this issue has come up firstly. There are a lot of reasons, from simple software issue to complex hardware problem.

Software issues: Any software problems like coque iphone 6 silicone pas cher upgrading to iOS, restoring iPhone from iCloud/iTunes, or update installation can make your device face “iPhone won’t turn on stuck on Apple logo” problem.

Jailbreak issue: It is possible that you experience the Apple logo stuck problem after jailbreak. Though jailbreaking your iPhone may gift you various features that you are otherwise not able to access, but it is highly not recommended as your device after jailbreaking and installing unreliable apps from unknown sources may put your coque iphone 5s silicone attrape reve iPhone in trouble. And one of these troubles is iphone stuck in apple logo.

Hardware issue: Sometimes, hardware will result in this problem as well. Battery drain problems, broken screen, screen with dirt issues due to cold weather, GPS working problem and so on, are several problems listed that can lead to Apple logo stuck issue.

Now that you coque iphone 6 homer mange la pomme are aware of coque iphone 7 rose the various reasons and possible solutions of iPhone Apple logo screen stuck. If you have tried all mentioned ways but nothing worked, prepare for the chance of hardware failure and better to take your device to a local repair shop for professional ideas.

Part 2: How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Apple Logo

Method 1: Force Restart iPhone

Are you having problems with iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo Worry not. Force restarting your iOS device and coque iphone 5s silicone 360 the problem may be dealed with in few minutes. Below is steps on how coque iphone 6s minions to restart your iOS devices.

For iPhone 6/6s, SE or earlier: Simultaneously press power button and hold on Home button. Hold the buttons until the Apple logo is seen. Now let the buttons free and wait till the restarting process is done.

For iPhone 7 or 7 Plus: Long press lock/power button as well as volume down button. Release the buttons when Apple logo is seen on screen.

For iPhone 8/X, iPhone XS/XR/11: Swiftly press and then let the coque iphone 5s noir paillette volume up button free. Now, swiftly press and then let the volume down button free. Next long press the side button till the screen goes off and again turns on. Get your hand off the button coque iphone 6 hearthstone when Apple coque iphone 6 meme logo is seen.

Method 2: Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo Without https://www.lastage.fr/collections/coque-autres-huawei Data Loss

Is still your iPhone stuck in Apple logo mode Tenorshare ReiBoot is here for your help. It is the last option you can go for and get rid of your issues. The coque iphone 6s transparant software will get your Apple logo stuck iPhone back to working condition with wease. It is a one click as well as free to fix your problem. Follow below steps to solve the Apple logo stuck issue.

Step 1: Download and install the tool on your computer. Once done, connect your PC and your iPhone using a USB cable. Choose the “Repair Operating System” option.

Step 2: Select “Start Repair” Then you’ll enter a new screen to download the firmware.

Step 3: https://www.anten.fr/collections/coque-personnalisees-iphone Download the required firmware package online by clicking “Download”.

Step 4: Tap on “Start Repair” once the download is completed. This will initiate the recovery process of your iPhone. Take care that your iPhone is, by no means, disconnected throughout the process. Once the process is completed, your device will restart and voila, the issue is solved. Your data is not damaged or lost too.

Method 3: Put Your iPhone into Recovery Mode and Restore (Data Loss Risk)

Is your iPhone stuck on Apple logo for hours Putting your coque iphone 6 samourai device in recovery mode would help you fix the problem. Follow below steps:

Step 1: Connect your iOS device with PC and go to open iTunes. Now, coque iphone 6 liberty long press the Sleep/Wake button as well as the Home button simultaneously.

Step 2: Release the Sleep/Wake button once the screen is black. Keep holding the home button until you see an iTunes pop up message informing that your iPhone is detected in recovery mode and required to be restored.

Note this way you will erase all content and https://www.sushicube.fr/collections/coque-huawei-nova settings on iPhone. If you don’t have a backup file, it’s https://www.artcorekirbies.fr/collections/coque-samsung-s9 highly recommended to make a free backup with Tenorshare iCareFone first…

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