May 28, 2014

There as been a lot going on since my last post, and now I have lots to tell you!

Our Tuesday sew chats has revealed many things about what you all like to sew, what you don’t like to sew, and what you would love to sew if you had the time and skills. I’ll return to that subject shortly!

Also we touched on the subject of whether sewing should be back on the school curriculum. The answer seemed to be an overwhelming YES!  Of course, my view is that it should be, and with that in mind, I have pushed ahead with my Go Sew project for children aged from 10 to 18

With the most amazing generosity from Janome sewing machines and Simplicity patterns we are on the way to the launch of our very first Go Sew day! The intention is to run dressmaking courses through the summer holidays at no cost to the children.

Sewing is such an important skill to learn; it contains so many things within the act of making a garment – it requires logic, concentration, a bit of maths, co-ordination and creativity. What it gives back is a sense of achievement, pride and confidence. Its a win win situation! If it had been sold to the government as textile engineering then perhaps we would be seeing it back in schools in a more meaningful way!

The excitement that the pop up sewing classes have generated has been amazing, and it appears that we may have to work out an expansion scheme, but with overwhelming offers of help and support, we’re going to accommodate as many children as we can this summer!

Our local schools have also been very supportive offering their premises as a base for the classes. I’m so grateful for their involvement with Go Sew.

Many of you that have Twitter will have seen a variety of garments that I have made over the last couple of months, and now I’m hoping to improve on that by putting up step by step photos of construction so that you can see exactly what I’m doing. Perhaps there is something that you would like to have explained in photos. The text explanation will also appear, but on this website. 140 characters on Twitter just won’t do it !!

Let me know if you have any particular things you would like me to explain or make and I’ll see what I can do. At the moment, I’m working on some short Youtube tutorials to address particular techniques. When they’re ready, I will be letting you all know via Twitter and Facebook.

Anyone in London on Thursday June 12th? I will be at Biddle and Sawyer Silks in Berwick Street, Soho from 6 -8PM signing the current Great British Sewing Bee book, alongside the author, Tessa Eveleigh. Bring your own book or buy one at the time. It would be lovely to meet some of you and have a bit of a chat! Also, the opportunity to get to see the most beautiful silks that are on sale here. My finals dress will be on display – and this is the shop that supplied the silk for it!

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