November 15, 2020

If you are using the very latest iOS version, there may not be a jailbreak of compatible Cydia version available. Most of game lovers use it to get free gems or premium in app content. Yeah, iAPFree is there for iPhone on jailbreak store, but do you know that it’s not working any more now. Does Unison League work?Or is there any other thing that enables Unison League to give free gems??? theres NO working iap for ios 13.5 period. iAPFree works but for some type of in-app purchases only. You hit the purchase and when it asks for your password you hit cancel. Any help is APpreciated, Look, couple of games are not supported by iap cracker so you won’t hack them Try your luck, One of my friend came to me and asked me to install free in-app purchases and i suggest him to install iapcracker. iAPFree is for iOS 6.x – 7.x ???????????? My favorite tweak is iap-free, Thanks a lot for the info, but i know all this gk. You need to jailbreak your iPhone to get it working and install Cydia but once configured, offers access to lots of apps at no cost. Furthermore, you can use localiapstore or iapcrazy that work on most of the games listed above. Alternative apps that do much the same thing include iAPFree, LocaliAPStore or iAPCrazy. IAP Cracker is a neat tool that helps you get in-app purchases for free. I can only find iAPFree iOS 13.5. Jailbreak iOS 13.5 with taig ???? iap cracker works on ios 13.5 for me. First jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. If you need alternatives, try LocaliAPStore, iAPCrazy or iAP Cracker. The best tool is PPJailbreak, if you use Mac OS X and if you’re on Windows PC, then use TaiG for iOS 13.5 firmware. However, most of the jailbreak users install them and enjoy in-app purchases for free. It works with Pokemon Go which is released recently for iOS 13.5 too. Many users use iAP Cracker, iAPLocalStore, iAPCrazy and so on which are completely against of Apple rules. If anything goes wrong, let us know…. You need to jailbreak your iPhone to get it working and install Cydia but once configured, offers access to lots of apps at no cost. In app purchases were never been so easy to hack before lucky patcher because lucky patcher Cydia tweak has proved that it works on iOS 13.5 and all the recent jailbroken firmware. I installed AppSync Unified and Iap Cracker still wont show as an icon or even in my settings but in cydia it says installed. Every app I’ve tried with IAPCrazy still prompts for store credentials before failing due to ‘no payment info’ on my a/c. Some of the jailbreak users install it to test in-app purchases before buy. Add repo source to Cydia directory to install iAP Cracker. ?️ You guys really need to do your research ??? This does not work for ios 13.5 jailbreak. Here is how to set up and use IAP Cracker. Note: this is must to install iAP Cracker. iAPCrazy is for iOS 8.x ????️????️??? Type Meaning there’s no way to change your data without directly accessing their servers, which is impossible to do, realistically. It’s your problem, not everyone’s. Actually, the games and apps that need internet or wifi connection can’t be hacked using either iapfree or iapcrazy or iap cracker what ever app you use. Add and complete the installation. To use IAP Cracker, you will need to jailbreak your iPhone. guys please help me… there is no iapfree ios 13.5, just old one that crush where is it exactly? You can easily find app sync core plugin on cydia app store. I guess it must be down to a particular app or something as we were all using the same model phone. Just install it and reboot your iPhone. You recommend tweaks and hacks without version numbers, implying IOS 9.3 compatibility where in fact there clearly is none. Just Googling about the list with the word “iAPFree List” of Games and Apps. Simply, you can’t hack all the apps and games. Use the second method to download and install it. Note: If you have already jailbroken your iPhone, then you can direct add repo and search iAP Cracker to install it. It works fine but not for all apps. This is not a good idea to test any premium in-app purchases or paid apps. IAP Cracker is a neat tool that helps you get in-app purchases for free. You might be lucky and be able to find the app immediately. I don’t know how some users claim that iap free works! iAP-Free doesn’t work without this plugin. Wtf taig don’t have a jailbreak for iOS 13.5 they only went to 13.5; you meant to put pangu instead right? 1. So, just install the app and download whole list of games. Scroll down and verify that it has AppSync plugin. Select any of your installed apps that has in-app purchases and buy something. I’m really happy to see that iAPFree is still there on jailbreak app store for free. He asked me to do this. In that case, make sure AppSync is installed and working. You need to look for iOS 13.5 or at least for iOS 13.5 the latest version has been released. Also be aware that IAP Cracker supports a good number of games and apps but not all of them. Please. iOS 13.5 jailbreak is not even out so how can this work, How can i update to ios 11 although it doesnt has any jailbreak yet, what version of appsync should i get for this to work, Just added, now Cydia won’t open!!!! Please Help. It doesn’t get you free apps, only option purchases from within those apps. Any jailbreak tool listed above would install Cydia app during jailbreaking process. Maybe it was thelegend27 scripting a cheat block . The Guy That Actually Knows What He's Talking About. The default repositories in Cydia are regularly updated but are never 100% running, contactable or working. This IAP Cracker compatibility list is updated regularly. Then: Cydia search can be a little hit and miss so there is another way to install IAP Cracker if it doesn’t work. After two days, he returned to me and asked me to download in-app purchases for free using iap cracker behalf of him. No. You ideots.. dont waste your time. I’ve done IAPCrazy, IAPFree, and LocalIAPStore. Fortunately I didn’t brick my phone. And, tap on add source. I had a few issues with mine when jailbreaking and trying to use Cydia that involved having to go through the entire process three times. Enable core plugin feature from settings and restart your iPhone or iPad. I just need core plugin that works on clash of clans and candy crash I hope this would clear your view, You can try your luck with iOS 13.5 because its new and can be a fresh opportunity for the app. When i buy, game crashes and kicks me out? How? Tried all the possibilities and with different IAP purchases, nothing works so really don’t waste your time just as I did. I recently discovered a tweet containing 13.500 iOS 13.5 games and apps which are supported by iAPFree and it is updated recently.

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